The Isle of the Chosen

According to Lazar: Sessions 5-7

Quillessa has been preoccupied recently, so I have taken it upon myself to record events in the interim.

As they were traveling back to the apes’ asylum, the party was beset by a collection of serpentine hell-spawn. The self-proclaimed wizards were able to extricate the party with some paltry relocation trick.

Of course the demons were still at the gates. Fortunately the apes were able to bang the right bones together to piece me together and I flew us all to safety.

Well, not actually to safety. The party insisted I take them to some ice cave to go after a tome. Alright, the tome might be of some importance, but only if we can get our hands on the other two.

At the entrance to the cave there was a hilarious altercation with a tribe of amoeba, the leader of which accidentally threw itself off a cliff. I suppose I should be clear, these were Yeti. I should keep my snide remarks out of these historical records.

Once the entourage eradicated the entirety of the tribe’s people, they proceed to pillage and peddle off their prized possessions, piece by piece.

Finally a quorum of the troupe investigated the forward portion of the cave, only to fight off a collection of carnivorous creepy crawlies.

As of this writing, they are picking over the bodies and investigating another pool of piss.



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