The Isle of the Chosen

According to Nyx: Session 1

In the early morning we were served a notice to meet a messenger at Morridin’s Hammer in order to then have an audience with His Highness King, which to be honest was quite the runaround. The notices went out separately to two of the performers, the manager, myself and, as it turns out, a two-man band of superstitious mercenaries, and a druid for whom it would be putting things lightly to say they have a bone to pick with technology.

We all met at the bar, and just as were we beginning to enjoy each other’s companionship at Heart Hammerhead’s patronage, some young gun Palor twit made a big stink about the whole thing. It turned out that this Marco Gaust character was not only the messenger we were supposed to meet, but he was totally some sectist fanatic and he, his guards, and what seemed like half the city turned on us, calling us the heretics. I mean, really.

Things got a little scary, and I think I might have really hurt one fellow, but overall I can see how folks can get so caught up in constantly fighting. It was quite a rush.

Oh, not only did that Marco twit turn traitor, try to swan off, and eventually get himself hogtied like a complete idiot, he had the gall to have himself zipped away by what, according to my devices seemed like an unnecessary number of casters, and later was stupid enough to get his dumb butt caught all over again.

I’m getting ahead of myself. We met with His Highness King Earl, who had quite a lot to say about the devout being against his recent methods of rule. I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to the specifics because I was focused on keeping tabs on Marco and his magical backup.

Once we were out of the castle, we spotted Marco and gave chase, taking him down after throwing things in his way, sicking townsfolk on him, numbing his legs, and a million other things which, on their own, should have been enough to stop him.

We were all very careful about Marco’s accommodations, checking the cell, warding it from access from familiars, and assuring ourselves of the caliber of the guards.

We then spent some time in Zandax’ big ol’ castle of a home. It was really the kind of thing you’d expect of a performer of his charisma. I spent most of the evening rigging my manager’s equipment and making adjustments to my other rigs. I don’t particularly understand the others’ umbrage toward my devices I feel if I could just properly explain their workings they would not be so wary of them.

That morning we visited a ferry… Merry the Mariner… or Berry the boatman… something like that? Anyway, the naturalist fellow tested the weather rather accurately without any appropriate devices, which I found rather impressive, and determined that there would be a terrible storm in the next few days, and that we’d probably rather not be on a boat, which was somewhat of a relief. I have a hard enough time with the motions of the airship, boats really rather suck.

Not that I’d prefer walking. We were absolutely blessed to find an elven maiden willing to lend us some enchanted horses. She was looking for an elven waif which we eventually found. that was a sad story… I hope I got the elven/paloran send-off rites correct.

Right, so we came upon a desecrated temple with a bunch of demons, and the poor elf was crawling with something awful under his skin. On the plus side I have a pretty wicked set of jaws which I think I’ll be able to make a bear trap with. Uhm… the naked fellow… Brighteyes seemed okay with that form of device, which is promising.

It’s interesting to note, the guys who ambushed us and whom we are investigating were Palor cultists, and the demons had desecrated a temple of Palor, and were talking about how we were beating up a known evil and ignoring an unknown evil and the usual string of omens and words like harbinger that you expect from those sort.

Anyway, so, after the best night of sleep I’ve had in a long time, we set out and found a cave full of lizard men. I think they’re also cannibals. Or- are they cannibals if they eat other humanoids? I’m not entirely sure on the rules of that particular classification. There was some mention of eating flesh, I know that much.


Nice work Nic, I added in Wiki links to everything that currently exists, this was well put together and a rather good read even though we just finished.

According to Nyx: Session 1

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