The Isle of the Chosen

According to Nyx: Session 2

So we camped overnight under cover of brush to formulate a plan to take out the kobold guards. None of us from the Flying Circus could really tell what the Mercenaries we plotting so Zandrak and I figured we’d lure one onto the beartrap I made from the jawbone I recovered from the Paloran temple. Okay, to be perfectly honest I had this whole great thing all planned out, but Zandrak felt it was too overcomplicated and unreliable. Instead he set the trap nearby with some ghost-y helper-types, and I jumped out to draw their attention.

The trap worked like a charm, catching one of the kobolds… and then the scary fellow dropped out of the sky on top of him. It turns out brighteyes has had a flying machine this entire time, and he thinks my equipment is voodoo.

What came next was such a blur of action, before I even realized it had arrived, Brisken was telling me not to use my poison fog machine on the green dragon that was somehow already half-dead. It was quite a struggle, knocked prone with it’s own servant, wrapped in razor wire, drawn in a net secured by phantom hands, stuffed into a hole, it was only by a string of lucky shots and cooperation that we all survived.

Once it was all over, Thomas, as if possessed, took a bite clean out of the dragon’s hide, a rite which Zandrak took part in. Now, I’m not too sure about Thomas, but I was certain Zandrak had more sense than that. It seemed to spark some form of kinship between them, but if that’s the price of friendship with a mercenary, I’ll just have to heal them once they’re incapacitated.

Between the seven of us, we stripped the dragon down to its bones. Brisken preserved the dragon’s skull to use as a battering ram for the ship. Capone and Zandrak made a matching pair of BFF necklaces with the dragon’s teeth, I rendered a draft of poison from the dragon’s blood. Nessa wired the dragon’s claws into a pretty wicked crown, and, proving again that he’s deceptively ingenious, Brighteyes used bone and wing skin to upgrade his flying machine. What was left we’ve split amongst the party for later use.

It was nighttime before we entered the cave. There was one large, ancient passage that looked to have been carved out and obviously heavily laden with traps. One path, which everyone seemed most interested in had one simple pressure trap, which I quickly disarmed. No one seemed to trust my abilities, so they chucked me down the hallway! I mean, not that I’m not used to being thrown around, but usually folks give me a warning. Besides, for all they knew they’d just lobbed me past any other traps! It turned out I’d done an excellent job clearing them out, so we were all fine.

Further down the path we found a pool of liquid, and before I had my testing kit out, Zandrak had himself knee-deep in what turned out to be dragon wee. As he left to wash himself off, we noticed that the walls of the passage were mirror-smooth and likely formed by the acid dragon’s breath weapon.

The passage opened to a massive cave and immediately my eyes were drawn to a massive fireball suspended in the sky. My devices indicated it was a magically sustained fire, meaning whatever bloodline previously occupied the cave still lived on elsewhere.

As we searched through the structures carved into the cave, we found bodies. As far as I could tell, it seemed they were just going about their business when they expired suddenly and, quite possibly, simultaneously. There were no wounds or detectable internal injuries that I could tell. They just sort of expired. Brisken sent out a message that he detected thoughts deeper in the city and I ran after them, fearing the worst.

Near a structure, deep in the city, we noticed some gross worms and undead. I got all ready to support the group from the shadows of the bridge, but when I turned around Zandrak and Nesa were gone. I did what I could, and Brisken and I cleared out most of the worms, but the commotion alerted dragonborn soldiers and some skeletons that were a little too set on jabbing me in the shoulder. I heard a commotion across the river and spotted Nesa and Zandrak in a struggle with more dragonborn and skeletons. I left mister Capone with a specially rigged healing flask and helped Nesa with the dragonborn.

When the dust had settled there was one pitiful little dragonborn who Nesa had on a short (metaphorical) leash. He mentioned that the Green Molt had three lairs which he marked on our map, and that all the dragons had decided the island was corrupted by, and I believe I’m quoting this: “devils, the coming plague, and the evil in the capitol” and each group was going to purge the island of those evils in their own ways.

Oh, the Green Molt are all the green dragons and dragonborn. The three races of dragons call themselves Red, Black, and Green Molts. I’m thinking the Green Molts are poison dragons who were trying to get rid of the evil in the capitol, since we followed the traces of the Palorians’ magic straight to that cave. Unless the king sent us off to something completely unrelated to that traitor.



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