The Isle of the Chosen

According to Nyx: session 3

The party decided to take Remmy, the dragonborn, back to the king. On the way back we met back up with Wasp, Barry the Boatman, and the Elvish maiden. Barry the Boatman had made gobs of money because his was the only boat that survived the storm and he was so grateful we warned him that he gave us all ten platinum apiece. We also returned the signet ring to the maiden, who offered to supply us with horses whenever we needed them.

We returned to the King and told him about the [[According to Nyx: Session 1 | demons]] we found at the Paloran temple. He seemed glad to hear we cleared the area and re-consecrated the grounds. Once we started talking about dragons and dragonborn, he seemed less excited about the finding than I initially was. Granted, dragons are scary, perhaps scarier than the stories implied, but, I mean, I figure we shouldn’t have a whole hell of a lot of trouble convincing them we’re on the same side. I mean, demons and plagues…

Anyway, the king invited us to a lavish dinner, and we asked that his chef cook us up the dragon meat we had been lugging about. I had a little of the meat, fried with an orange glaze, but I mostly ate cake.

Through the rest of the night I consulted with Wasp about natural alternatives to my machines which he would be more comfortable with, and while I worked and experimented Wasp opened a nice little food court for the poor and suffering.

In the morning I heard the bad news. Marco Gaust had been murdered in the night- really more smooshed than murdered. Risken had a guard chase down the Paloran priestess, but he ended up nailed to the front of a Paloran temple. Even poor Remmy, who had finally come to trust the king and was going to work as an ambassador for the King to the Green Molt, was smooshed in the same way Marcho was.

Finally, we decided to set out in our airship with the King’s diplomats to consult with the Green Molt. Many of the ship’s systems were not fully repaired, but I was able to jury rig a simple drive system that would get us off the ground.

The next six pages are filled with a frantic, illegible scrawl, technical diagrams, dark, sooty smudges, and the occasional tear stain. The following page is empty except for two lines

We were attacked by demons. We crashed into an island.



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