The Isle of the Chosen

According to Nyx: Session 4

After a thorough search of the wreckage, we discovered, among other things, an invitation to The Creatorium. LasarOS was able to determine that the coordinates on the invitation were not only nearby, but actually somewhere on this impossible island.

While I was working on my Demon Buster prototype, Mr. Capone bowled me over with a rock. I’ve still got a whopper of a knob where he hit me. Brighteyes, and a gargantuan woman were with him and they all seemed somewhat concerned we were ghosts. To make matters worse, some shenanigans involving talking crabs and sarcastic helpers had them further spooked.

All told, it seemed the whole of the party survived the crash.

Captain Mwest, the female guard, relayed to us, as best she could, that she was sent to the wreckage to bring survivors, and the wreckage itself back to her superiors. So we packed up the featherwood hull and, with no help from anyone who could lift over twenty pounds, managed to drag it up the beach.

The Creatorium is a giant, seamless block of some kind of mortar which, from the inside can be seen through. At first I was impressed by the way everything seemed to function without magic, until I could see, through the walls, folks maneuvering the doors with ropes and pulleys.

Auxillary note = the party was being followed by guards with psychically resonating spears;

That was LasarOS. Not entirely sure how he did that. Anyway, I didn’t notice the guards. I was distracted by a charming older wizard who had a knack for flattery. Didn’t catch his name. I was… distracted. He had all the hallmarks of a man of extreme intelligence. He offered all of us substantial amounts of money, items, and the repair of our ship in exchange for help with some disturbing sightings on the island and help replicating the airship. Riscaan wanted to be sure that he had intellectual ownership of the designs. I was mostly concerned they would want to analyze Lasar, or raid the elementals’ apartments. It was bad enough they had our crash playing in the background.

Anyway, we set out and, with the help of Brighteye’s flying contraption, quickly found a chained devil roaming the wild. Between my new Demon Buster and Capone’s awe-inspiring attacks, it and it’s little gropey friend didn’t have much of a chance. Unfortunately, once we did vanquish the bastard, it belched out some horrible mist of ichor that coated the rest of the party.

It was a rough battle. Everyone’s just sort of taking a breather on the plateau. I’ve got some tinkering to do- keep everyone’s stuff in top shape, so that’s it for now.

There are a few pages of detailed notes on the demon, some designs for minor ship improvements and a purely artistic rendering of the older gentleman.



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