Nesa - Mul - Battlemind


I am an awesome killing machine.

My father (a dwarf) was a leader in the great army for the war against Orcs. My mother (a human) was a great adventurer, could never be chained. She couldn’t take me with her, so she left me with my father. I became a slave, washing floors and farming for the royal family. When I turned 14 father declared I was of age to train, he helped me when he could, but was told my prowess required real teaching and so I was sent to a Ludus. There I was trained to fight in the arena to become a gladiator, I heard my master declare that I had the potential to bring the rank of champion upon his house. Years later I fought my way to that title and loved the attention my strength had given me, but, I had been betrayed. I found out from a fellow slave that my father had been killed by my Dominus to keep me for himself. I waited and waited, trained more and more each day until he slipped, and I began a revolt against him. Slaves in arms tore through the Ludus killing everyone in our path to freedom. Now with my hands soaked in blood, my skin tinted red, I seek the path to find my mother. Perhaps my only hope of finding her is to take up her mantle, using my skills as a killer to follow in her footsteps and become an adventurer.


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