Zandrak Songsteel

Human Bard


Even though I have a small reputation from my tinkering with and making instruments…like my new one here…its a large mandolin…kinda…but you don’t have to pluck the strings…the strings are built into the body and you press these buttons here and it plucks the strings for you (You recognize this as the worlds first keytar).
I have written a few songs you might be familiar with..<singing> “Ah ha..Ah ha…Dude Looks Like A Lady…Ah ha..Ah ha”? (which casts “Vicious Mockery” – 1d6+Char Target gets -2 to Attack until next turn) .. How about <singing> “Hello!?…Is it me your looking for?” (which casts Victim of the Feywild -1d8+Char and teleports 1-2 allies to the target)…still no? what about <singing>"You spin me round right baby right round like a record baby round round"? (Which cast Arrow of Warning – 3w+Char triggering alley gets at-will attack)…OK you have to have heard this one …<singing> “ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! <do>” (which cast Guiding Strike – 1w+Char and -2 to def). Still no…see…that’s what I’m talking about. That’s why I need to get out of here. I just feel there is another calling for me. I have spoken with my father and he and the King have both given their blessing for whatever adventure seems to be calling to me.

General knowledge round-up:
Me – Zandak Songsteel
Class: Bard
Race: Human
My father: Ooltoe Songsteel – Kings best bud and friend
Weapon: The keytar that seems to play music from a distant realm few have heard of called The Eighties. Since the keytar needs to be played with 2 hands will take the stats from the Greataxe. Really? You think a bard would wield anything but an Axe?


The Patriarch (Earl until he is given a proper name) of the newly formed island and the head of the new royal family is surely not without his advisers. His most trusted adviser and friend being Ooltoe Songsteel. Considered the most skilled musician to have survived the islands creation. Ooltoe was originally employed to entertain the royal family and important guest that enter the royal city,but now also is looked to as an adviser the the king and his right hand man.
At first Ooltoe was not looked highly upon as an adviser to the royal family, after all he was a skilled musician, not a politician, but debt soon came to pass. One evening Earl (The King) was stumped over city planning and growth. Ooltoe played in the back of the kings office while he crunched away at the cities expanding needs. Frustrated, Earl asked Ooltoe what he thought of the current situation since Ooltoe was the only one there. Ooltoe sat with the King and gave some fresh thoughts and a different outlook on how to segment the city. The king was amazed and the city has a nice flow from district to district because of Ooltoe’s design. From then on Earl realized the Ooltoe was a bright man with a good head on his shoulders. Ooltoe was asked to be a politician for the city, but declined and said he was happy being the royal bard. Earl and Ooltoe can often be seen together and Ooltoe has been considered Earl’s right hand man and is to uncommon to see them together walking the city streets. Ooltoe you could say is Earl’s entourage and best friend.

Well guess what? I’m not Ooltoe. Ooltoe is my father. Surely you have heard of the great Zandak Songsteel? Yea…you only know me from my last name. That’s OK. This is why I’m here. I love my father. He has provided a great life for me. I have trained in the art of music under him, learned to preform, am well known around the royal family, and even though not royalty, am highly respected around the city, but I’m not Ooltoe…I’m Zandak. I don’t want to live in my fathers shadow. I need to make a name for my own. I want to be know as Zandak, not as Ooltoes son.

Zandrak Songsteel

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