An elemental controlled Airship.


Utilizing the ingenuity of the young gnome Nyx Beestinger and his own affinity for elementals, Riscaan created an airship, a large thing unlike anything ever previously seen by those upon the Isle. It appears as a massive boat similar to but more advanced than the common ferries and skiffs used on the waters of the Isle. The design is immaculate, the gnome planted the soul of her own companion within the ship, rigging a sort of soul harness that became the focal point of controlling the ships contained elementals for propulsion, elevation control as well as the many weapons on board the ship. Detailed schematics and descriptions of the Airship follow:


The latest advances in Capitol City technologies have all been made by those who have but witnessed or heard of the miraculous machine created by Nyx and Riscaan. It was this first beacon of technology that sparked the idea in the King to embrace new advancements and stride forward by trying with combined intellects to harness the creative and powerful potential of technology. These great strides led to the creation of a sort of secret society of scholars and inventors, The Creatatorium.


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